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RULE §50.145Corrections to Permits

(a) This section applies to a permit as defined in §3.2 of this title (relating to Definitions), except that it does not apply to air quality permits under Chapter 122 of this title (relating to Federal Operating Permits Program). The executive director, on his own motion or at the request of the permittee, may make a non-substantive correction to a permit either by reissuing the permit or by issuing an endorsement to the permit, without observing formal amendment or public notice procedures. The executive director must notify the permittee that the correction has been made and forward a copy of the endorsement or corrected permit for filing in the agency's official records.

(b) The executive director may issue non-substantive permit corrections under this section:

  (1) to correct a clerical or typographical error;

  (2) to change the mailing address of the permittee, if updated information is provided by the permittee;

  (3) if updated information is provided by the permittee, to change the name of an incorporated permittee that amends its articles of incorporation only to reflect a name change, provided that the secretary of state can verify that a change in name alone has occurred;

  (4) to describe more accurately in a water rights permit or certificate of adjudication the boundary of or the point, rate, or period of diversion of water;

  (5) to describe more accurately the location of the authorized point or place of discharge, injection, deposit, or disposal of any waste, or the route which any waste follows along the watercourses in the state after being discharged;

  (6) to describe more accurately the pattern of discharge or disposal of any waste authorized to be disposed of;

  (7) to describe more accurately the character, quality, or quantity of any waste authorized to be disposed of; or

  (8) to state more accurately or update any provision in a permit without changing the authorizations or requirements addressed by the provision.

(c) Before the executive director makes a correction to a permit under this section, the executive director shall inform the general counsel of the proposed correction, and shall provide a copy of such information to the public interest counsel. Review by the general counsel and the public interest counsel under this subsection does not apply to a correction described in subsection (b)(2) or (3) of this section. The public interest counsel shall advise the general counsel of any objections to the proposed correction. The general counsel shall act within five business days of receiving the executive director's proposal. If the general counsel determines that the proposed correction should not be issued under this section, the executive director shall not issue the correction, but may set the matter for commission action during a commission meeting. If the general counsel fails to act within five business days, the executive director may issue the correction as proposed.

Source Note: The provisions of this §50.145 adopted to be effective September 23, 1999, 24 TexReg 8254; amended to be effective January 3, 2019, 43 TexReg 8606

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