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RULE §3.62Cycling Plant Control and Reports

(a) The operator of each cycling plant shall use tanks for measuring the crude oil, condensate, or other liquid hydrocarbons taken into or extracted by the cycling plant.

(b) The operator of each cycling plant shall meter the following separately:

  (1) all gas taken into the plant from statutory gas wells;

  (2) all casinghead gas taken into the cycling plant;

  (3) all gas used for plant fuel;

  (4) all gas taken by pipe lines or for domestic or commercial uses;

  (5) all gas, including flash vapors, vented directly or indirectly to the air.

(c) Gas used for lifting water by jetting, or used in turbines and subsequently vented to the air or burned in a flare, shall be accurately metered and reported by the operator as vented on the appropriate form.

(d) No cycling plant shall be permitted to vent any gas taken into the plant from statutory gas wells; however, the venting of a volume of flash vapors not to exceed 2.0% of the volume of gas taken into said plant shall be considered to be compliance.

(e) No gas shall be used for plant operation that is not burned in boilers, heaters, or internal combustion engines in a reasonably efficient manner, and no raw gas or residue gas shall be used for plant fuel if any flash vapors are being vented or flared.

(f) No cycling plant shall be operated without a certificate of compliance. The appropriate form submitted to the commission and approved by it shall be in effect for a period of 12 months, but may be renewed for one or more periods of 12 months. The certificate of compliance shall be revoked if an inspection reveals noncompliance.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.62 adopted to be effective January 1, 1976.

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