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RULE §15.56Road Test

(a) The department administers a road test to determine an applicant's ability to exercise ordinary and reasonable control of a motor vehicle; such applicant must meet a predetermined score. The road test will be given in English or Spanish only and will consist of three separate standalone examinations, designated as the on-street test, the backing test, and parallel parking test, and will include the following maneuvers:

  (1) start;

  (2) quick smooth stop;

  (3) backing;

  (4) upshifting;

  (5) downshifting;

  (6) lane change;

  (7) merge;

  (8) use of lanes;

  (9) right-of-way;

  (10) posture;

  (11) approach to corner;

  (12) traffic signals;

  (13) traffic signs;

  (14) left turns;

  (15) right turns; and

  (16) parallel parking (if applicable).

(b) Rejection standards for road test are:

  (1) accident. Any contact with another vehicle, object, or pedestrian which applicant could have prevented, regardless of who was responsible, resulting in any damage or injury;

  (2) dangerous action:

    (A) accident is prevented only by defensive driving on the part of another or dodging by a pedestrian;

    (B) any loss of control creating a hazard;

    (C) driver stalls vehicle in middle of busy intersection so as to obstruct traffic;

    (D) drives one or more wheels over the curb or onto the sidewalk;

    (E) accident prevented only by warning given by the examining officer; or

    (F) runs over parking standards on the parallel parking test.

  (3) violation of law. Unless otherwise stipulated in scoring standards, a driver is disqualified for:

    (A) any act for which the driver might be arrested; or

    (B) any act which might make the driver liable for damages in case of accident.

  (4) deductions. As soon as any of the following conditions occur, the applicant is disqualified:

    (A) various or repeated minor mistakes totaling more than 20 points deducted on the off-street road test score for motorcycles or more than 30 points deducted on the on-street test for any vehicle including a motorcycle;

    (B) various or repeated minor mistakes totaling more than 5 points deducted on the backing test; or

    (C) various or repeated minor mistakes totaling more than 7 points deducted on the parallel parking test for any vehicle.

  (5) lack of cooperation or refusal to perform:

    (A) refusal to try any maneuver in good faith;

    (B) repeated failure to follow instructions;

    (C) offer a bribe or gratuity;

    (D) argument concerning scoring, not just a discussion of scoring; or

    (E) refusal to wear a seat belt when required and has no physician's statement for waiver or refusal to comply with a continuing, necessary restriction (e.g., "corrective lenses").

Source Note: The provisions of this §15.56 adopted to be effective October 30, 2000, 25 TexReg 10747; amended to be effective December 13, 2009, 34 TexReg 8786

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