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RULE §17.20Facility Projects to Be Submitted to the Board

(a) Institutions shall submit data on the following projects to the Board:

  (1) New construction of building and facilities and/or additions to buildings and facilities having an E&G project cost of $10 million or greater;

  (2) Repair and renovation projects for buildings and facilities having an E&G project cost of $10 million or greater;

  (3) Improved real property purchases that the institution intends to include in the E&G buildings and facilities inventory if the purchase price is more than $1,000,000;

  (4) Energy Savings Performance Contract projects; and

  (5) Projects financed by tuition revenue bonds pursuant to Education Code §61.0572 and §61.058.

(b) Projects not specifically described in this rule, including but not limited to the following types of projects, are EXEMPT from Board submission:

  (1) Projects at The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, and Prairie View A&M University financed more than 50 percent with Permanent University Fund bond proceeds or Available University Fund funds;

  (2) New Construction, repair, or rehabilitation of privately-owned buildings and facilities on land leased from an institution if the new construction, repair, or rehabilitation is financed entirely from funds not under the control of the institution;

  (3) Gifts, grants, or lease-purchase arrangements intended for clinical or research facilities;

  (4) New construction, repair, or rehabilitation projects to be undertaken pursuant to specific legislative authority;

  (5) Lease of property or facilities;

  (6) Acquisitions of unimproved real property;

  (7) Acquisitions of improved real property that the institution does not intend to include in its E&G buildings and facilities inventory;

  (8) New Construction, repair, renovation, or acquisition of buildings and facilities that are to be used exclusively for auxiliary enterprises and will not require appropriations from the legislature for operations, maintenance, or repair; and

  (9) All gifts and grants of improved real property.

Source Note: The provisions of this §17.20 adopted to be effective November 11, 2021, 46 TexReg 7604

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