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RULE §332.74Compost Labelling Requirements

(a) Applicability. Facilities that receive a registration or permit under this chapter are required to test final product in accordance with this section. Final product derived from municipal sewage sludge at registered facilities is not subject to the requirements of this section, but must comply with the requirements of Chapter 312 of this title (relating to Sludge Use, Disposal, and Transportation).

(b) Label information. All compost distributed within Texas derived from feedstock identified in the registration and permit tiers in §332.3 of this title (relating to Applicability) shall be clearly labelled according to the following requirements. The label information must be grouped together and plainly printed in English and Spanish.

  (1) Labels and vouchers. Compost distributed in containers shall have a label attached to or on the face of the container. Vouchers which provide the same information as required on labels shall be given to persons receiving compost distributed in bulk.

  (2) Labels/vouchers information. The label or voucher shall include the information described in subparagraphs (A) or (B) of this paragraph.

    (A) General statement.

      (i) Grade 1 Compost. "This product is considered Grade 1 Compost and meets the requirements and standards described in 30 Texas Administrative Code §332.72 and has unrestricted use."

      (ii) Grade 2 Compost. "This product is considered Grade 2 Compost and meets the requirements and standards described in 30 Texas Administrative Code §332.72 and cannot be used at a residence or licensed childcare facility."

    (B) Feedstocks. Specify the feedstock or feedstocks from which the compost was derived. When two or more feedstocks are used, the label or voucher shall indicate each feedstock used in descending order or predominance by wet weight. For purposes of specifying feedstocks for this labelling requirement, water added to composting materials shall not be considered a feedstock. The label shall identify one or more of the following general descriptions of feedstock:

      (i) source-separated organic materials;

      (ii) source-separated meat, fish, chicken, oils, or greases;

      (iii) municipal sewage sludge;

      (iv) organic materials derived from a positive sort of mixed municipal solid waste;

      (v) grease trap waste;

      (vi) disposable diapers;

      (vii) the sludge byproduct of paper production; and

      (viii) mixed municipal solid waste.

    (C) Incorporation into soil. The label shall state that it is recommended that compost be mixed into the top 15 centimeters of soil.

Source Note: The provisions of this §332.74 adopted to be effective November 29, 1995, 20 TexReg 9717.

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