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RULE §218.1Continuing Education Credit for Licensees

(a) A continuing education course is any training course that is recognized by the commission, specifically:

  (1) legislatively required continuing education curricula and learning objectives developed by the commission;

  (2) training in excess of basic licensing course requirements;

  (3) training courses consistent with assigned duties; or

  (4) training not included in a basic licensing course.

(b) A law enforcement agency submitting continuing education courses under the chief administrator's approval through a departmental report of training, must have the following on file and readily accessible to the commission:

  (1) lesson plans; or

  (2) certificate of completion with hours indicated on the certificate;

  (3) attendees' critique of the course that includes:

    (A) written evaluation of the instructor; and

    (B) an assessment of how this training was applicable to their assigned duties;

  (4) number of students attending from the agency;

  (5) copy of course outline (if available); and

  (6) copy of available handouts.

(c) The commission may refuse credit for:

  (1) a course that does not contain a final examination or other skills test, if appropriate, as determined by the training provider;

  (2) annual firearms proficiency;

  (3) an out-of-state course not approved by that state's POST;

  (4) training that fails to meet any commission established length and published learning objectives;

  (5) an instructor claiming credit for a basic licensing course or more than one presentation of a non-licensing course by an instructor, per 24 month unit of a training cycle;

  (6) course(s) claimed by deceitful means;

  (7) courses provided by the same training provider and taken more than two times within one training unit; or

  (8) legislatively mandated or certification courses reported by unlicensed or non-contractual training providers.

(d) The training provider or agency must report to the commission and keep on file in a format readily accessible to the commission, a copy of all continuing education course training reports.

(e) The effective date of this section is February 1, 2014.

Source Note: The provisions of this §218.1 adopted to be effective February 1, 2014, 38 TexReg 9615

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