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RULE §6.405Deobligation and Reobligation of Awarded Funds

(a) A Subrecipient that does not expend more than 20% of its Program Year formula allocation (excluding any additional funds that may be distributed by the Department and any funds voluntarily transferred to LIHEAP CEAP) by the end of the first quarter of the Contract Term following the Program Year for two consecutive years will have funding recaptured. A Subrecipient's Contract will be amended to reflect the average percentage of funds that expended over the last two years. LIHEAP-WAP funding recapture will be consistent with Tex. Gov't Code, Chapter 2105.

(b) The cumulative balance of the funds made available in subsection (a) of this section will be allocated proportionally by formula to Subrecipients that expended 90% of the prior year's Contract, excluding adjustments made in subsection (a) of this section, by the end of the original Contract Term.

(c) At any time that a Subrecipient believes they may be at risk of meeting one of the criteria noted in subsection (n) of this section relating to criteria for Deobligation of funds, notification must be provided to the Department.

(d) A written "Notification of Possible Deobligation" will be sent to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors or other governing body of the Subrecipient by the Department as soon as the Department identifies that a criterion listed in subsection (n) of this section is at risk of not being met. Written notice will be sent electronically and/or by mail. The notice will include an explanation of the criteria met. A Notification will not be sent, and the steps in this section not triggered, if an Amendment increasing funds has been provided to the Subrecipient in the prior 90 calendar days.

(e) Within 15 calendar days of the date of the "Notification of Possible Deobligation" referenced in subsection (d) of this section, a Mitigation Action Plan must be submitted to the Department by the Subrecipient in the format prescribed by the Department.

(f) A Mitigation Action Plan is not limited to but must include:

  (1) Explanation of why the identified criteria under this section occurred setting out all fully relevant facts.

  (2) Explanation of how the criteria will be immediately, permanently, and adequately mitigated such that funds are expended during the Contract Term. For example, if production or expenditures appear insufficient to complete the Contract timely, the explanation would need to address how production or expenditures will be increased in the short- and long-term to restore projected full Expenditure and timely execution of the contract.

  (3) If applicable because of failure to produce Unit Production or Expenditure targets under the existing Production Schedule, a detailed narrative of how the Production Schedule will be adjusted, going forward, to assure achievement of sufficient, achievable Unit Production and Expenditures to ensure timely and compliant full utilization of all funds.

  (4) An explanation of how the other criteria under this section will be mitigated. For example, if Unit Production criteria for a time period were not met, then the explanation will need to include how the other criteria will not be triggered.

  (5) If relating to a Unit Production or Expenditure criteria, a description of activities currently being undertaken including an accurate description of the number of units in progress, broken down by number of units in each of these categories: units that have been qualified, audited, assessed, contracted, inspected, and invoiced and as reflected in an updated Production Schedule.

  (6) Provide any request for a reduction in Contracted Funds, reasons for the request, desired Contracted Funds amount, and revised Production Schedule reflecting the reduced Contracted Funds.

(g) At any time after sending a Notification of Deobligation, the Department or a third-party assigned by the Department may monitor, conduct onsite visits, perform other assessments, or engage in any other oversight of the Subrecipient that is determined appropriate by the Department under the facts and circumstances.

(h) The Department or a third-party assigned by the Department will review the Mitigation Action Plan, and where applicable, assess the Subrecipient's ability to meet the revised Production Schedule or remedy other Concern.

(i) After the Department's receipt of the Mitigation Action Plan, the Department will provide the Subrecipient a written Corrective Action Notice which may include one or more of the criteria identified in this section (relating to Deobligation and other mitigating actions) or other acceptable solutions or remedies.

(j) The Subrecipient has seven calendar days from the date of the Corrective Action Notice to appeal the Corrective Action Notice to the Executive Director. Appeals may include:

  (1) A request to retain the full Fund Award if Partial Deobligation was indicated;

  (2) A request for only partial Deobligation of the full Contracted Fund if full Deobligation was indicated in the Corrective Action Notice; or

  (3) Request for other lawful action consistent with the timely and full completion of the Contract and Production Schedule for all Contracted Funds.

(k) In the event that an appeal of a staff decision under this section is submitted to the Executive Director, the Executive Director may grant extensions or forbearance of targets included in the Production Schedule, may provide for continued operation of a Contract, may authorize Deobligation, or may take other lawful action that is designed to ensure the timely and full completion of the Contract for all Contracted Funds.

(l) In the event an appeal is not submitted within seven calendar days from the date of the Corrective Action Notice, the Corrective Action Notice will automatically become final without need of any further action or notice by the Department, and the Department will amend/terminate the Contract with the Subrecipient to effectuate the Corrective Action Notice.

(m) In the event the Executive Director denies an appeal of a staff decision under this section, the Subrecipient may appeal that decision in accordance with §1.7(f) of this title (relating to the Process for Filing an Appeal of the Executive Director's Decision to the Board).

(n) Any one or more of the criteria noted in this subsection may prompt the Deobligation process under this rule. If the criteria are met, then notification and ensuing processes discussed elsewhere in this subchapter will apply.

  (1) Subrecipient fails to provide the Department with a Production Schedule for its current Contract within 30 calendar days of receipt of the draft Contract. The Production Schedule must be signed by the Subrecipient's Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, and approved by the Department in writing;

  (2) By the third program reporting deadline, Subrecipient must report at least one unit weatherized for each Weatherization Contract;

  (3) By the fifth program reporting deadline, less than 25% of total expected unit production has occurred based on the Production Schedule, or less than 20% of total Awarded Funds have been expended;

  (4) By the seventh program reporting deadline, less than 50% of total expected unit production has occurred based on the Production Schedule, or less than 50% of total Awarded Funds have been expended; or

  (5) The Subrecipient fails to submit a required monthly report explaining any variances between the Production Schedule and actual results on Production Schedule criteria.

(o) A Subrecipient that has funds Deobligated under this section but that fully expends the reduced amount of its Contract, will have access to the full amount of the following Program Year WAP allocation. A Subrecipient which has had funds Deobligated under this section that fails to fully expend the reduced amount of its Contract will automatically have its following Program Year WAP allocation Deobligated by the lesser of 24.99% or the proportional amount that had been Deobligated in the prior year.

(p) Funds Deobligated under this section, funds voluntarily relinquished, or additional funds should they become available, will be Reobligated proportionally by the formula described in §6.404 of this subchapter (relating to Distribution of WAP Funds) or other method approved by the Department's Board amongst all Subrecipients that did not have any funds Deobligated during this evaluation period to ensure full utilization of funds within a limited timeframe including possible allocation of WAP funds to Subrecipients in varying populations from each funding source (DOE and LIHEAP), based on availability of the source.

Source Note: The provisions of this §6.405 adopted to be effective December 2, 2021, 46 TexReg 8012

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