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RULE §6.415Health and Safety and Unit Deferral

(a) Health and Safety expenditures at the end of the Contract Term for DOE WAP and LIHEAP WAP may not exceed the amount equal to the Health and Safety budget, divided by the sum of Materials/Program Support/Labor budget and the Health and Safety budget. The budget line items are identified in the Budget and Performance Statement of the DOE WAP and LIHEAP WAP Contracts.

(b) Subrecipient shall provide Weatherization services with the primary goal of energy efficiency. The Department considers establishing a healthy and safe home environment to be important to ensuring that energy savings result from Weatherization work.

(c) Subrecipient must test for high carbon monoxide (CO) levels and bring CO levels to acceptable levels before Weatherization work can start. The Department has defined maximum acceptable CO readings in its Standard Work Specifications.

(d) A Dwelling Unit shall not be weatherized when there is a potentially harmful situation that may adversely affect the occupants or the Subrecipient's Weatherization crew and staff, or when a Dwelling Unit is found to have structural concerns that render the Dwelling Unit unable to benefit from Weatherization. The Subrecipient must declare their intent to defer Weatherization on an eligible unit on the assessment form. The assessment form should include the customer's name and address, dates of the assessment, and the date on which the customer was informed of the issue in writing. The written notice to the customer must include a clear description of the problem, conditions under which Weatherization could continue, the responsibility of all parties involved, and any rights or options the customer has. A copy of the notice must be given to the customer, and a signed copy placed in the customer application file. Only after the issue has been corrected to the satisfaction of the Subrecipient shall Weatherization work begin.

(e) If structural concerns or health and safety issues identified (which would be exacerbated by any Weatherization work performed) on an individual Dwelling Unit cannot be abated within program rules or within the allowable WAP limits, the Dwelling Unit exceeds the scope of this program.

Source Note: The provisions of this §6.415 adopted to be effective December 2, 2021, 46 TexReg 8012

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