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RULE §3.42Examination Administration and Scoring

(a) An Applicant must apply for landscape architectural registration by examination through CLARB as described in Section 3.23.

(b) An Applicant's application and supporting documentation to take a portion of the LARE must be postmarked or received by the Board no later than four (4) months before the earliest date upon which that portion of the LARE is to be administered. The Board shall publish the examination schedule and the application deadline for each portion of the examination on its Web site.

(c) A Candidate who is approved to take the LARE must appear personally for examination as directed in the notification letter sent to the Applicant. In order to be admitted for examination, the Candidate must present an official form of identification bearing a recent photograph of the Candidate.

(d) Each Candidate shall be responsible for taking to the examination all tools necessary to complete the examination.

(e) An explanation of the scoring procedures for the LARE shall be provided to each Candidate before the examination is administered to the Candidate.

(f) A Candidate's LARE scores shall be determined by CLARB. The Board shall not review any LARE score to determine its validity.

(g) If, for any reason, a Candidate takes a section or sections of the LARE but does not receive a score for the section or sections, the Board shall have no liability beyond authorizing the Candidate to retake the section or sections with the corresponding fee waived.

(h) Each Candidate's examination material shall be retained by CLARB for a period of one year following the date the examination was administered.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.42 adopted to be effective October 10, 2001, 26 TexReg 7849; amended to be effective November 21, 2004, 29 TexReg 10507

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