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RULE §81.49Irregularities in Seals or Serial Numbers

If irregularities are discovered in the seals or the serial numbers of containers of voted ballots received at the central counting station, pursuant to the Texas Election Code, §127.038(d) or §127.068(c), the presiding judge of the central counting station shall make and sign a memorandum in duplicate setting forth the nature of the irregularities. One copy of the memorandum shall be attached to the copy of the returns delivered in envelope number one for the presiding officer of the canvassing authority. The presiding judge shall deliver the other copy of the memorandum to the district attorney of the county in which the voted ballots placed in such box were voted. The district attorney shall investigate the irregularities and take further action as appropriate. If more than one container of voted ballots was delivered to the central counting station from the election precinct from which the container in which irregularities were discovered was delivered, the judge shall include in the memorandum a record of the total number of ballots in the container in which irregularities were discovered, and such container shall be returned to the custodian of election records after the ballots are counted containing only the ballots delivered to the central counting station in that container. In all cases, the ballots in a container in which irregularities are discovered shall be counted and returns made as for the other ballots received at the central counting station.

Source Note: The provisions of this §81.49 adopted to be effective June 27, 1986, 11 TexReg 2739.

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