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RULE §6.22Adopted National Standards

(a) The commission adopts by reference the following copyrighted standards and recommended practices issued by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and/or the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) as minimum requirements for all microfilming of state records where these sections do not specify a standard or practice. A copy of each of the standards adopted in this section is on file and available for public inspection during regular working hours at the State and Local Records Management Division, Texas State Library, 4400 Shoal Creek Boulevard, Austin, TX 78756. The standards are distributed by and available from the Association for Information and Image Management, Suite 1100, 1100 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910-5699.

  (1) AIIM TR2-1992, Glossary of Imaging Technology.

  (2) AIIM TR11-1987 with 1993 addendum, Microfilm Jacket Formatting and Loading Techniques.

  (3) AIIM TR12-1988, Bar Coding on Microfiche for Production and Dynamic Distribution Control.

  (4) ANSI IT9.2-1991, Imaging Media--Photographic Processed Films, Plates, and Papers--Filing Enclosures and Storage Containers.

  (5) ANSI IT9.5-1992, Imaging Media (Film)--Ammonia-Processed Diazo Films--Specifications for Stability.

  (6) ANSI IT9.11-1991, Imaging Media--Processed Safety Photographic Film--Storage.

  (7) ANSI IT9.12-1991, Photography--Processed Vesicular Photographic Film--Specifications for Stability.

  (8) ANSI/AIIM MS1-1988, Recommended Practice for Alphanumeric Computer-Output Microforms--Operational Practices for Inspection and Quality Control.

  (9) ANSI/AIIM MS5-1992, Microfiche.

  (10) ANSI/AIIM MS8-1988, Image Mark (Blip) Used in Image Mark Retrieval Systems.

  (11) ANSI/AIIM MS11-1987, Microfilm Jackets.

  (12) ANSI/AIIM MS14-1988, Specifications for 16mm and 35mm Roll Microfilm.

  (13) ANSI/AIIM MS17-1992, Micrographics--Rotary (Flow) Microfilm Camera Test Chart and Test Target--Descriptions and Use.

  (14) ANSI/AIIM MS18-1992, Micrographics--Splices for Imaged Microfilm--Dimensions and Operational Constraints.

  (15) ANSI/AIIM MS19-1993, Standard Recommended Practice--Identification of Microforms.

  (16) ANSI/AIIM MS23-1991, Practice for Operational Procedures/Inspection and Quality Control of First-generation, Silver Microfilm of Documents.

  (17) ANSI/AIIM MS28-1987, Alphanumeric COM Quality Test Slide.

  (18) ANSI/AIIM MS39-1987, Recommended Practice for Operational Procedures, Quality Control and Inspection of Graphic Computer-Output Microforms.

  (19) ANSI/AIIM MS42-1989, Recommended Practice for the Expungement, Deletion, Correction, or Amendment of Records on Microforms.

  (20) ANSI/AIIM MS43-1988, Recommended Practice for Operational Procedures/Inspection and Quality Control of Duplicate Microforms of Documents and From COM.

  (21) ANSI/AIIM MS45-1990, Recommended Practice for Inspection of Stored Silver-Gelatin Microforms for Evidence of Deterioration.

  (22) ANSI/AIIM MS51-1991, Micrographics--ISO Resolution Test Chart No. 2--Description and Use.

  (23) ANSI/NAPM IT9.1-1992, Imaging Media (Film)--Silver-Gelatin Type--Specifications for Stability.

  (24) ANSI/NAPM IT9.17-1993, Photography--Determination of Residual Thiosulfate and Other Related Chemicals in Processed Photographic Materials--Methods Using Iodine-Amylose, Methylene Blue and Silver Sulfide.

(b) In case of conflict between any standard adopted by reference in subsection (a) of this section and any provision of these sections, these sections prevail.

Source Note: The provisions of this §6.22 adopted to be effective June 12, 1996, 21 TexReg 4989.

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