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RULE §815.18General Rules for Both Appeal Stages

This section shall be applicable to appeals both to the appeal tribunal and to the Commission.

  (1) Issuance of subpoenas.

    (A) Subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of records for any hearing of an appeal may be issued at the direction of the Commission or its designee or an appeal tribunal. A subpoena may be issued either at the request of a party or on the motion of the Commission or its designee or the appeal tribunal. The party requesting a subpoena shall state the nature of the information desired, including names of any witnesses and the records that the requestor feels are necessary for the proper presentation of the case. The request shall be granted only to the extent the records or the testimony of the requested witnesses appears to be relevant to the issues on appeal.

    (B) A witness subpoenaed to appear before an appeal tribunal, the Commission or its designee, or a court may be paid a fee and mileage for the appearance. The fee shall be $20 per day, and for miles necessarily traveled to and returning from a hearing, the rate per mile shall be at the rate provided for state employees in the State Appropriations Act, or as otherwise required by law. The fee as provided in this section and the mileage shall be paid from the unemployment compensation administration fund upon proper certification of the appeal tribunal, the Commission or its designee, or the court, and upon certification of the witness that the fees and mileage are just, true, and unpaid.

  (2) Provision of Agency records.

    (A) Upon the request of a party to a proceeding, the Agency shall provide copies of all records pertaining to that proceeding, except for records subject to privileges under state or federal law or regulation. Other Agency records shall be produced only if the party specifies the exact information desired, and the necessity of the records to allow the party to properly present its claim; the production of records shall be subject to confidentiality limitations and privileges under state or federal law or regulation.

    (B) The Agency shall provide copies of the relevant separation and timeliness information in the Agency's custody to both parties with the Notice of Hearing, including:

      (i) all information received from the parties in response to, or in protest of, a claim for unemployment insurance;

      (ii) all fact-finding statements relating to the work separation; and

      (iii) the appeal from the determination of the work separation.

  (3) Representation before appeal tribunal and the Commission.

    (A) An individual who is a party to a proceeding may appear before an appeal tribunal or the Commission or its designee.

    (B) A partnership may be represented by any of its members or a duly authorized representative. Any corporation or association may be represented by an officer or a duly authorized representative.

    (C) Any party may appear by an attorney at law or by any other individual who is qualified to represent others.

    (D) The Commission or its designee or an appeal tribunal may refuse to allow any individual to represent others in any proceeding before it if the individual acts or speaks in an unethical manner or if the individual intentionally and repeatedly fails to observe the provisions of the Act or the rules of the Agency.

  (4) Removing a party from a proceeding. The Commission or its designee or an appeal tribunal may, after an appropriate warning, expel from any proceeding any individuals, whether or not a party, who fail to comport themselves in a manner befitting the proceeding. The Commission or its designee or an appeal tribunal may then continue with the proceeding, hear evidence, and render a decision on the appeal.

  (5) Appeal Information. An appeal tribunal decision sent to a party of interest, or the Commission's decision sent to a party, will include or be accompanied by a notice specifying the appeal rights of the parties, the procedure for filing further appeal, and the time period within which an appeal shall be filed.

  (6) Retention of Decisions. Copies of decisions of the Commission and of appeal tribunals shall be kept in accordance with the approved records retention schedule.

Source Note: The provisions of this §815.18 adopted to be effective November 6, 2000, 25 TexReg 11093; amended to be effective July 28, 2008, 33 TexReg 5982

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