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RULE §130.3Certification of Maximum Medical Improvement and Evaluation of Permanent Impairment by aDoctor other than the Treating Doctor

(a) A doctor, other than a treating doctor, who is authorized to certify that an employee has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), must do so in accordance with §130.1 of this title (relating to Certification of Maximum Medical Improvement and Evaluation of Permanent Impairment). In addition to complying with the filing requirements of §130.1, the certifying doctor shall file a copy of the Report of Medical Evaluation and the narrative with the treating doctor within the same timeframes for filing with the other persons that §130.1 requires.

(b) Upon receipt of the report identified in subsection (a) of this section, the treating doctor shall:

  (1) indicate on the report either agreement or disagreement with the certification of maximum medical improvement and with the impairment rating assigned by the certifying doctor, and, in the case of a disagreement, explain the reasons for this disagreement; and

  (2) within seven days of receipt, send a signed copy of the report indicating agreement or disagreement and including any required explanation to the commission, the employee and the employee's representative (if any), and the carrier.

(c) A treating doctor's agreement or disagreement under subsection (b) of this section does not require a separate examination of the employee prior to the issuance of the opinion and shall not be considered a certification as that term is used in §130.1 of this title.

(d) The reports required under this section to be filed with a doctor and carrier shall be filed by facsimile or electronic transmission. In addition, the doctor shall file the report with the employee and the employee's representative by facsimile or electronic transmission if the doctor has been provided the employer's facsimile number or email address; otherwise, the report shall be sent by other verifiable means.

(e) A doctor required to file a report under this section shall maintain the original copy of the Report of Medical Evaluation and narrative and documentation of the date, addressees, facsimile numbers/email addresses and means of delivery that the reports required under this section were transmitted or mailed including proof of successful transmission. In addition:

  (1) a certifying doctor shall maintain documentation of:

    (A) The date of the examination of the employee; and

    (B) The date any medical records necessary to make the certification of MMI were received, and from whom the medical records were received; and

  (2) a treating doctor who receives the certifying doctor's report shall maintain documentation of the date the report was received and the means by which the report was delivered to the treating doctor.

Source Note: The provisions of this §130.3 adopted to be effective March 7, 1991, 16 TexReg 1194; amended to be effective December 26, 1999, 24 TexReg 11442; amended to be effective January 2, 2002, 26 TexReg 10910

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