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RULE §295.132Filing, Recording, and Notice Fees

(a) The following fees shall be submitted with any application for a water use permit, any application for a water right amendment, or any application for an extension of time to commence or complete construction.

  (1) Application filing fees are established as follows.

    (A) Fees for a water use permit or an application for extension of time to begin or complete construction shall be based upon the total amount of water requested to be appropriated for impoundment and diversion as follows:

      (i) less than 100 acre-feet--$100;

      (ii) 100-5,000 acre-feet--$250;

      (iii) 5,001-10,000 acre-feet--$500;

      (iv) 10,001-250,000 acre-feet--$1,000; and

      (v) greater than 250,000 acre-feet--$2,000.

    (B) Fees for a temporary permit shall be based upon the total amount of water requested for impoundment and diversion as follows:

      (i) 10 acre-feet or less--$100; and

      (ii) greater than 10 acre-feet--$250.

    (C) Fees to amend a water right are $100 per numbered water right requested to be amended, including combination amendments.

  (2) Recording fees are $1.25 per page of the application.

  (3) Notice fee. The cost of mailing notice to persons in the affected river basin varies. The applicant shall pay the total cost of mailing notice and the executive director will advise the applicant of the number of persons to whom notice is mailed and the total mailing cost.

(b) The cost of any required publication shall be paid by the applicant directly to the newspaper involved.

(c) The following are examples of applications or petitions subject to the filing and recording fee:

  (1) application for a permit;

  (2) application to amend a permit, certified filing, or certificate of adjudication;

  (3) application to alter, enlarge, extend, or otherwise change any permitted reservoir, dam, main canal, or diversion work;

  (4) application for extension of time.

  (5) application for local sponsor designation.

Source Note: The provisions of this §295.132 adopted to be effective May 28, 1986, 11 TexReg 2326; amended to be effective December 16, 1987, 12 TexReg 4531; amended to be effective January 7, 1994, 18 TexReg 9935.

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