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Texas Administrative Code



§65.1 Authority
§65.2 Definitions
§65.3 Exemptions
§65.6 Registration--Authorized Inspection Agency With National Board Accreditation
§65.7 Registration Renewal--Authorized Inspection Agency National Board Accreditation
§65.8 Registration--Authorized Inspection Agency Without NB-360 Accreditation
§65.12 Boiler Registration and Certificate of Operation Required
§65.13 Boiler Installation
§65.14 Inspector Commissions
§65.15 Boiler Certification Requirements
§65.25 Authorized Inspector--Eligibility Requirements
§65.26 Commission--Renewal and Reinstatement
§65.30 Waiver of Examination
§65.40 Authorized Inspector--Commission Card
§65.41 Reissuance after Reemployment
§65.45 Nonstandard Boilers
§65.50 Inspectors--Prohibited Conflicts of Interest
§65.51 Enforcement of Rules and Code Violation
§65.52 Completion of Reports Required
§65.60 External Inspection
§65.61 Inspection of All Boilers Required
§65.62 Notice of Inspection to Owners or Operators of Boilers
§65.63 Inspection of Portable Boilers
§65.64 Extension of Interval between Internal Inspections
§65.70 Texas Boiler Numbers--Required
§65.71 Texas Boiler Number--Placement on Boiler
§65.72 Condemned Boilers
§65.80 Notification of Changes in Risks and Inspection Agreements
§65.81 Inspection Report Forms
§65.82 Defective Conditions Disclosed at Time of External Inspection
§65.83 Boiler Accidents
§65.84 Repair and Alteration Report Forms
§65.85 Interagency Reporting and Requirements
§65.86 Authorized Inspection Agencies Reporting Requirements
§65.90 Commissions--Authorized Inspector
§65.91 Overdue Boiler Inspection--Authorized Inspection Agency Referral
§65.100 Board of Boiler Rules--Purpose
§65.101 Board of Boiler Rules--Membership
§65.102 Board of Boiler Rules--Removal of Board Members; Vacancy
§65.103 Board of Boiler Rules--Reimbursement of Expenses
§65.104 Board of Boiler Rules--Board Meetings
§65.200 New Boiler Installations
§65.201 Secondhand Boiler Installations
§65.202 Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)
§65.203 Maximum In-Service Time for Nonstandard Boilers
§65.204 Boiler Reinstallations
§65.205 Required Boiler Personnel
§65.206 Boiler Room
§65.207 Boiler Foundations and Levels
§65.208 Minimum Clearance
§65.209 Safety Appliances
§65.210 Standards for Internal Boiler Inspections
§65.211 Preparation of Nonstandard Boilers for Inspection
§65.212 Boiler ASME Code Restamping and Nameplate Replacement
§65.213 Hot Water Heating System Restrictions
§65.214 Modular Boilers
§65.215 Multiple Pressure Steam Generators
§65.216 Stacked Boilers
§65.217 Variance
§65.300 Fees
§65.400 Administrative Penalties
§65.401 Sanctions
§65.402 Enforcement Authority
§65.500 Metrication Policy
§65.600 Conditions Not Covered by Rules
§65.601 General Safety
§65.602 Chimneys and Vents
§65.603 Boiler Room Ventilation
§65.604 Location of Discharge Outlets
§65.605 Electric Steam Boilers--Generators
§65.606 Atmospheric Vents, Gas Vents, Bleed or Relief Lines for Power Boilers, Unfired Steam Boilers and Process Steam Generators with Supplemental Firing (extensions only)
§65.607 Power Boilers, Excluding Unfired Steam Boilers and Process Steam Generators
§65.608 Unfired Steam Boilers
§65.609 Process Steam Generators
§65.610 Nuclear Boilers
§65.611 Heating Boilers
§65.612 Repair and Alterations
§65.613 Liquid Pressure Tests
§65.614 Authority to Set and Seal Safety Appliances
§65.615 Exhibits 1 - 9

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