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§97.1 Purpose and Scope
§97.2 Definitions
§97.3 License Fees
§97.11 Criteria and Eligibility for Licensing
§97.13 Application Procedures for an Initial License
§97.15 Issuance of an Initial License
§97.17 Application Procedures for a Renewal License
§97.19 Issuance of a Renewal License
§97.21 Denial of an Application or a License
§97.23 Change of Ownership
§97.25 Application Procedures and Requirements for Change of Ownership
§97.27 Application and Issuance of a Branch Office License
§97.29 Application and Issuance of an Alternate Delivery Site License
§97.30 Operation of an Inpatient Unit at Parent Agency
§97.31 Time Frames for Processing and Issuing a License
§97.201 Applicability
§97.202 Habilitation
§97.208 Reporting Changes in Application Information and Fees
§97.210 Agency Operating Hours
§97.211 Display of License
§97.212 License Alteration Prohibited
§97.213 Agency Relocation
§97.214 Notification Procedures for a Change in Agency Contact Information and Operating Hours
§97.215 Notification Procedures for an Agency Name Change
§97.216 Change in Agency Certification Status
§97.217 Agency Closure Procedures and Voluntary Suspension of Operations
§97.218 Agency Organizational Changes
§97.219 Procedures for Adding or Deleting a Category to the License
§97.220 Service Areas
§97.222 Compliance
§97.241 Management
§97.242 Organizational Structure and Lines of Authority
§97.243 Administrative and Supervisory Responsibilities
§97.244 Administrator Qualifications and Conditions and Supervising Nurse Qualifications
§97.245 Staffing Policies
§97.246 Personnel Records
§97.247 Verification of Employability and Use of Unlicensed Persons
§97.248 Volunteers
§97.249 Self-Reported Incidents of Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
§97.250 Agency Investigations
§97.251 Peer Review
§97.252 Financial Solvency and Business Records
§97.253 Disclosure of Drug Testing Policy
§97.254 Billing and Insurance Claims
§97.255 Prohibition of Solicitation of Patients
§97.256 Emergency Preparedness Planning and Implementation
§97.257 Medicare Certification Optional
§97.259 Initial Educational Training in Administration of Agencies
§97.260 Continuing Education in Administration of Agencies
§97.281 Client Care Policies
§97.282 Client Conduct and Responsibility and Client Rights
§97.283 Advance Directives
§97.284 Laboratory Services
§97.285 Infection Control
§97.286 Disposal of Special or Medical Waste
§97.287 Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement
§97.288 Coordination of Services
§97.289 Independent Contractors and Arranged Services
§97.290 Backup Services and After Hours Care
§97.291 Agency Dissolution
§97.292 Agency and Client Agreement and Disclosure
§97.293 Client List and Services
§97.294 Time Frame(s) for the Initiation of Care or Services
§97.295 Client Transfer or Discharge Notification Requirements
§97.296 Physician Delegation and Performance of Physician-Delegated Tasks
§97.297 Receipt of Physician Orders
§97.298 Delegation of Nursing Tasks by Registered Professional Nurses to Unlicensed Personnel and Tasks Not Requiring Delegation
§97.299 Nursing Education, Licensure and Practice
§97.300 Medication Administration
§97.301 Client Records
§97.302 Pronouncement of Death
§97.303 Standards for Possession of Sterile Water or Saline, Certain Vaccines or Tuberculin, and Certain Dangerous Drugs
§97.321 Standards for Branch Offices
§97.322 Standards for Alternate Delivery Sites
§97.401 Standards Specific to Licensed Home Health Services
§97.402 Standards Specific to Licensed and Certified Home Health Services
§97.404 Standards Specific to Agencies Licensed to Provide Personal Assistance Services
§97.405 Standards Specific to Agencies Licensed to Provide Home Dialysis Services
§97.406 Standards for Agencies Providing Psychoactive Services
§97.407 Standards for Agencies Providing Home Intravenous Therapy
§97.501 Survey and Investigation Frequency
§97.503 Exemption From a Survey
§97.505 Notice of a Survey
§97.507 Agency Cooperation with a Survey
§97.509 Survey of a Branch Office, Alternate Delivery Site, and Services Provided
§97.521 Requirements for an Initial Survey
§97.523 Personnel Requirements for a Survey
§97.525 Survey Procedures
§97.527 Post-Survey Procedures
§97.601 Enforcement Actions
§97.602 Administrative Penalties
§97.603 Court Action
§97.604 Surrender or Expiration of a License
§97.701 Home Health Aides
§97.801 Subchapter H Applicability
§97.810 Hospice Initial Assessment
§97.811 Hospice Comprehensive Assessment
§97.812 Update of the Hospice Comprehensive Assessment
§97.813 Hospice Client Outcome Measures
§97.820 Hospice Interdisciplinary Team
§97.821 Hospice Plan of Care
§97.822 Review of the Hospice Plan of Care
§97.823 Coordination of Services by the Hospice
§97.830 Provision of Hospice Core Services
§97.831 Hospice Physician Services
§97.832 Hospice Nursing Services
§97.833 Hospice Medical Social Services
§97.834 Hospice Counseling Services
§97.840 Provision of Hospice Non-Core Services
§97.841 Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology Services
§97.842 Hospice Aide Services
§97.843 Hospice Aide Qualifications
§97.844 Hospice Homemaker Services
§97.845 Hospice Homemaker Qualifications
§97.846 Services Provided Under a State Medicaid Personal Care Benefit
§97.850 Organization and Administration of Hospice Services
§97.851 Hospice Services Provided by a Licensed Person
§97.852 Hospice Governing Body and Administrator
§97.853 Hospice Infection Control Program
§97.854 Hospice Professional Management Responsibility
§97.855 Criminal Background Checks
§97.856 Hospice Alternate Delivery Sites
§97.857 Hospice Staff Training
§97.858 Hospice Medical Director
§97.859 Hospice Discharge or Transfer of Care
§97.860 Provision of Drugs, Biologicals, Medical Supplies, and Durable Medical Equipment by a Hospice
§97.861 Hospice Short-term Inpatient Care
§97.870 Staffing in a Hospice Inpatient Unit
§97.871 Physical Environment in a Hospice Inpatient Unit
§97.880 Providing Hospice Care to a Resident of a Skilled Nursing Facility, Nursing Facility, or Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions

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