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§815.1 Definitions
§815.2 Mailing Dates and Use of Forms
§815.3 Addresses
§815.4 Conformity with Federal Law
§815.10 Appeals From Decisions on Chargebacks
§815.12 Waiver of Repayment and Recovery of Federal Extended Unemployment Compensation Overpayments
§815.15 Parties with Appeal Rights
§815.16 Appeals to Appeal Tribunals from Determinations
§815.17 Appeals to the Commission from Decisions
§815.18 General Rules for Both Appeal Stages
§815.19 Hearings Involving Forfeiture or Cancellation of Rights to Benefits
§815.20 Claim for Benefits
§815.21 Interstate Claims
§815.22 Special Claim Situations
§815.23 Record of Work and Wages Required of Claimants
§815.24 Notice of Appeal Rights
§815.25 Approval of Training
§815.26 Extended Benefit Period Announcement
§815.27 Provisions Applicable to Extended Benefits
§815.28 Work Search Requirements
§815.32 Timeliness
§815.101 Scope
§815.102 Mailing Dates and Use of Forms
§815.103 Digital Signatures
§815.104 Remuneration Other than Cash
§815.105 Expense Reimbursements
§815.106 Records of Employing Units
§815.107 Reports Required and Their Due Dates
§815.108 Signatures on Reports and Forms
§815.109 Payment of Contributions and Reimbursements
§815.110 Transfer of Surplus Credit to Successor Employing Unit
§815.111 Partial Transfer of Compensation Experience
§815.112 Refunds to Employing Units
§815.113 Commission Hearings Involving Coverage and Contributions or Reimbursements
§815.114 Employer Elections To Cover Multistate Workers
§815.115 Contribution and Wage Reports Covering Seamen and Seamen's Wages Paid under Shipping Articles
§815.116 Identification and Tracking of Transfers and/or Acquisitions of Businesses
§815.117 Employing Units: Common Paymaster
§815.119 Payment of Voluntary Contributions
§815.128 Group Accounts
§815.129 Surety Bond
§815.130 Landmen Contracts
§815.131 Computation of Contribution Rates
§815.132 Computation of Unemployment Obligation Assessment
§815.133 Professional Employer Organizations and Temporary Help Firms
§815.134 Employment Status: Employee or Independent Contractor
§815.135 Voluntary Election by Employers
§815.136 Earned Income Tax Credit
§815.150 Definition of Terms
§815.161 Scope and Purpose
§815.162 Definitions
§815.163 Disclosure of Confidential Unemployment Compensation Information
§815.164 Mandatory and Permissive Disclosures
§815.165 Exceptions to Confidentiality Requirements
§815.166 Informed Consent Release
§815.167 Subpoenas and Court Orders
§815.168 Charges for Disclosure of Unemployment Compensation Information
§815.170 State "On" and "Off" Indicator Weeks: Conditional Trigger
§815.171 High Unemployment Period: Maximum Total Extended Benefit Amount
§815.172 Concurrent Emergency Unemployment Compensation Programs
§815.174 Financing of Extended Benefits
§815.175 Federal Waiver to Preserve Access to Extended Benefits
§815.180 Definitions
§815.181 Coordination of CARES Act Programs
§815.182 Appeals
§815.183 Waiver
§815.184 Overpayments
§815.185 Fraud
§815.190 Service of a Notice of Assessment in General
§815.191 Service of a Notice of Assessment by Personal Delivery or Mail
§815.192 Service of a Notice of Assessment by Substituted Service

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