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RULE §330.125Recordkeeping Requirements

(a) A copy of the permit, the approved site development plan, the site operating plan, the final closure plan, the post-closure maintenance plan, the landfill gas management plan, and any other required plan or other related document shall be maintained at the municipal solid waste facility, or an alternate location approved by the executive director. This requirement shall be considered a part of the operating record for the facility.

(b) The owner or operator shall within seven working days of completion or receipt of analytical data, as appropriate, record and retain in the operating record the following information:

  (1) any and all location-restriction demonstrations;

  (2) inspection records, training procedures, and notification procedures relating to excluding the receipt of prohibited waste;

  (3) all results from gas monitoring and any remediation plans relating to explosive and other gases;

  (4) any and all unit design documentation for the placement of leachate or gas condensate in a municipal solid waste landfill;

  (5) any and all demonstration, certification, findings, monitoring, testing, and analytical data relating to groundwater monitoring and corrective action;

  (6) closure and post-closure care plans and any monitoring, testing, or analytical data relating to post-closure requirements;

  (7) any and all cost estimates and financial assurance documentation relating to financial assurance for closure and post-closure;

  (8) any and all information demonstrating compliance with the small community exemption criteria;

  (9) copies of all correspondence and responses relating to the operation of the facility, modifications to the permit, approvals, and other matters pertaining to technical assistance;

  (10) any and all documents, manifests, shipping documents, trip tickets, etc., involving special waste;

  (11) for any spray-applied alternative daily cover (ADC) material, records of the application rate and total amount ADC applied to the working face on those days in which ADC is applied; and

  (12) any other document(s) as specified by the approved permit or by the executive director.

(c) The owner or operator shall place all information specified in subsections (a) and (b) of this section in the operating record. The owner or operator shall place this information in the operating record in accordance with the time period specified in subsection (b) of this section and maintain the operating record in an organized format which allows the information to be easily located and retrieved. All information contained in the operating record must be furnished upon request to the executive director and must be made available for inspection by the executive director.

(d) The owner or operator shall retain all information contained within the operating record and the different plans required for the facility for the life of the facility including the post-closure care period.

(e) The owner or operator shall maintain training records in accordance with §335.586(d) and (e) of this title (relating to Personnel Training).

(f) The owner or operator shall maintain personnel operator licenses issued in accordance with Chapter 30, Subchapter F of this title (relating to Municipal Solid Waste Facility Supervisors), as required.

(g) The executive director may set alternative schedules for recordkeeping and notification requirements as specified in subsections (a) - (f) of this section, except for notification requirements contained in Subchapter M of this chapter (relating to Location Restrictions) for any proposed lateral expansion located within a six-mile radius of any airport runway end used by turbojet or piston-type aircraft or notification relating to landowners whose property overlies any part of the plume of contamination, if contaminants have migrated off site as indicated by groundwater sampling.

(h) The owner or operator shall maintain records to document the annual waste acceptance rate for the facility. Documentation must include maintaining the quarterly solid waste summary reports and the annual solid waste summary reports required by §330.675 of this title (relating to Reports) in the operating record. After an updated site operating plan permit modification under §330.121(b) of this title (relating to General) is approved to comply with the rules that became effective December 2, 2004, if the annual waste acceptance rate exceeds the rate estimated in the landfill permit application and the waste increase is not due to a temporary occurrence, the owner or operator shall file an application to modify the permit application, including the revised estimated waste acceptance rate, in accordance with §305.70(k) of this title (relating to Municipal Solid Waste Permit and Registration Modifications), within 90 days of the exceedance as established by the sum of the previous four quarterly summary reports. The application must propose any needed changes in the site operating plan to manage the increased waste acceptance rate to protect public health and the environment. The increased waste acceptance rate may justify requiring permit conditions that are different from or absent in the existing permit. This subsection is not intended to make an estimated waste acceptance rate a limiting parameter of a landfill permit.

Source Note: The provisions of this §330.125 adopted to be effective March 27, 2006, 31 TexReg 2502

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