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RULE §91.210Foreign Credit Unions

(a) Definitions.

  (1) Foreign credit union--a credit union that is not chartered or otherwise organized under the laws of this state or the United States.

  (2) Local service area--an area that is within reasonable proximity of a foreign credit union's office, allowing members to be realistically served from that office.

(b) Application. Prior to commencing business in this state, a foreign credit union is required to file a written application supported by such information and data as the commissioner may require to make the findings necessary for the issuance of a certificate of authority pursuant to Finance Code §122.013.

(c) Approval. The application shall not be approved unless the commissioner finds that the applicant:

  (1) is acting in good faith and the application does not contain a material misrepresentation;

  (2) is financially sound and has no supervisory problems;

  (3) will conduct its operations in the State of Texas in accordance with the intent and purpose of the Act and Commission rules;

  (4) has provided evidence of compliance with the Finance Code, §201.102 concerning registering with the secretary of state to do business in Texas;

  (5) has share and deposit insurance equivalent to that required for credit unions organized under the Act;

  (6) has paid a permit fee of $500 for each and every branch office proposed to be established in the State of Texas;

  (7) has fidelity bond coverage satisfactory to the commissioner; and

  (8) has provided all other information the commissioner may require.

(d) Compliance with Texas law. A credit union chartered by another state shall comply with all applicable Texas laws, including those laws regarding home equity lending, loan interest rates, and consumer protection, to the same extent that those laws apply to a Texas credit union.

(e) Federal treaties. If a treaty or agreement exists between the United States and a foreign country which requires the commissioner to permit a foreign credit union to operate a branch in this state and the commissioner determines that the applicant has substantially the same characteristics as a credit union organized under the Act, then the applicant must comply with all provisions of the Act and commission rules, unless otherwise permitted by this section.

(f) Financial statements. Each foreign credit union that is operating a branch office within the State of Texas shall furnish to the commissioner a copy of its annual audited financial statements, if any, or other statements of financial conditions as the commissioner may require.

(g) Examinations. The commissioner is authorized to examine the books and records of any branch office operated in the State of Texas by a foreign credit union. The costs of examination, as prescribed in §97.113(d) of this title (relating to Supplemental Examinations), must be fully borne by the foreign credit union. The supplemental examination fee may be waived or reduced at the discretion of the commissioner.

(h) Agreements with other regulators. The commissioner shall enter into supervisory agreements with the foreign credit union regulators and, as necessary, the foreign credit unions, as authorized by Finance Code §15.411, to resolve any conflict of laws and to specify the manner in which the examination, supervision, and application processes will be coordinated with the regulators. The agreement may also prescribe the applicable laws governing the powers and authorities of the foreign branch and may address, but are not limited to, corporate governance and operational matters. The agreement, however, shall not limit the jurisdiction or authority of the commissioner to examine, supervise and regulate a foreign credit union that is operating or seeking to operate a branch in this state or to take any action or issue any order with respect to that branch.

(i) Field of membership. A certificate of authority to do business in this state is specifically issued to allow a foreign credit union to provide services to its existing field of membership. However, the commissioner may approve a foreign credit union's request to expand its field of membership to include groups with a community of interest that are within the foreign credit union's local service area if it is organized in a state or country that allows a credit union organized under the act to expand its field of membership to at least the same extent. After being satisfied that the group is within the foreign credit union local service area, the commissioner shall use the same criteria and the same procedures as used when a Texas credit union seeks to expand its field of membership. The commissioner shall make a reasonable effort to coordinate this determination with the foreign credit union's primary regulator to assure that each agency's material interests, authorities and responsibilities are fulfilled.

(j) Location of Group. For the purposes of a field of membership expansion, the group as a whole will be considered to be within the local service area when:

  (1) A majority of the persons in the group live, work, or gather regularly within the local service area;

  (2) The group's headquarters is located within the local service area; or

  (3) The group's "paid from" or "supervised from" location is within the local service area.

(k) Prohibition against share/deposit production offices. A foreign credit union may not use its certificate of authority primarily for the purpose of deposit production. The foreign credit union is expected to reasonably help meet the credit needs of the groups in Texas that are served by the credit union. If the Commissioner determines that the foreign credit union's level of lending in Texas relative to the deposits from Texas members is less than half the average of total loans relative to total deposits for all credit unions domiciled in Texas, the credit union will not be permitted to further expand its field of membership nor open additional offices in Texas.

(l) Enforcement; penalty. The commissioner has grounds to issue a cease and desist order to an officer, employee, director, and/or the foreign credit union itself, if the commissioner determines from examination or other credible evidence that the credit union has violated or is violating any applicable Texas law or rules of the commission. If the foreign credit union does not comply with an order, the commissioner may assess an administrative penalty as authorized by §122.260, Finance Code, as well as suspend or revoke the certificate of authority.

Source Note: The provisions of this §91.210 adopted to be effective May 11, 2000, 25 TexReg 3947; amended to be effective February 8, 2001, 26 TexReg 1131; amended to be effective June 8, 2003, 28 TexReg 4410

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