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RULE §365.21Continuing Professional Education and Training Programs for the Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement
ISSUE 07/08/2022
ACTION Proposed
Preamble Texas Admin Code Rule

(a)A licensed Journeyman Plumber, Master Plumber or Plumbing Inspector who also holds a Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement shall complete a minimum of two (2) hours of CPE or demonstrate successful completion of a national certification before he or she may renew his or her endorsement. A licensee may not use a single medical gas CPE course to fulfill the continuing education requirement for more than one renewal period.

(b)A medical gas CPE course shall be based on the most current edition of the National Fire Protection Association 99 Health Care Facilities Code (NFPA 99) and include comprehensive instruction on any updates to or changes from the previous edition of the code.

(c)The course materials for a medical gas [CPE] course shall include an authorized [either a softbound] copy of the current edition of the NFPA 99 or an authorized [ a hardbound] copy of the NFPA 99 Handbook, a 50-question exercise covering the most-recent changes and updates to the NFPA 99 and the fundamentals of medical gas piping installation. [, and a notice informing students of the provisions contained in §365.20(d) - (f) of this chapter.]

  (1)The course materials shall not advertise or promote the sale of goods, products or services.

  (2)A Course Provider or Course Instructor shall not offer to buy back used course materials from a student or offer any other incentive intended to persuade the student not to retain the course materials.

  (3)[In addition to the fee charged for a medical gas CPE course, a Course Provider may charge students a fee for the course materials that is less than or equal to the cost it incurs to purchase the materials from the NFPA.]

  [(4)]A Course Provider shall not require a student to purchase a [softbound] copy of the current edition of the NFPA 99 or [a hardbound copy of] the NFPA 99 Handbook if the student has previously completed a medical gas CPE course with the same provider that utilized the same course materials. As a substitute, the Course Provider may use any written material designed to supplement the NFPA 99 or the handbook.

(d)Only an individual, business or association approved as a Course Provider [in accordance with §365.16 of this chapter] may provide a medical gas CPE course. [A Course Provider offering a medical gas CPE course is subject to all of the provisions of §365.19 of this chapter except subsections (c) and (e).]

(e)A licensed Journeyman Plumber, Master Plumber or Plumbing Inspector may teach a medical gas CPE course if the licensee:

  (1)holds a current Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement; and

  (2)is approved as a Course Instructor [in accordance with §365.17 of this chapter].

(f)A Course Provider shall present a medical gas CPE course in a single day consisting of at least two (2) clock hours of instruction in the classroom.

The agency certifies that legal counsel has reviewed the proposal and found it to be within the state agency's legal authority to adopt.

Filed with the Office of the Secretary of State on June 24, 2022


Lynn Latombe

General Counsel

Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners

Earliest possible date of adoption: August 7, 2022

For further information, please call: (512) 936-5216

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