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RULE §535.208Application for a License
ISSUE 06/25/2004
ACTION Proposed
Preamble Texas Admin Code Rule

(a)A person desiring to be licensed shall file an application using forms prescribed by the commission. Prior to filing an application for a real estate inspector license or for a professional inspector license, the applicant must pay the required fee for evaluation of the education completed by the person and must obtain a written response from the commission showing the applicant meets current education requirements for the license. The commission may require an applicant to furnish materials such as source outlines, syllabi, course descriptions or official transcripts to verify course content or credit. The commission may not accept an application for filing if the application is materially incomplete or the application is not accompanied by the appropriate fee. The commission may not issue a license unless the applicant:

  (1)(No change.)

  (2)satisfies any experience or education requirements established by Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1102 (Chapter 1102) [the Real Estate License Act (the Act), §23], or by these sections;

  (3)successfully completes any qualifying examination required by Chapter 1102 [the Act];

  (4)(No change.)

(b)A [If the commission develops a system whereby a person may electronically file an application for a license, a] person who has previously satisfied applicable education requirements and obtained an evaluation from the commission also may apply for a license by accessing the commission's Internet web site, entering the required information on the application form and paying the appropriate fee in accordance with the instructions provided at the site by the commission. An applicant for an apprentice inspector license must provide the commission with the applicant's photograph and signature prior to issuance of a license certificate. An applicant for a real estate or professional inspector license must provide the commission with the applicant's signature prior to issuance of a license certificate. An applicant may provide the required item(s) prior to the submission of an electronic application.

(c) - (d)(No change.)

(e)An application for a license may be denied if the commission determines that the applicant has failed to satisfy the commission as to the applicant's honesty, trustworthiness and integrity or if the applicant has been convicted of a criminal offense which is grounds for disapproval of an application under §541.1 of this title (relating to Criminal Offense Guidelines). Notice of the denial and any hearing on the denial shall be as provided in Texas Occupations Code, §1101.364, [the Act, §10 ] and §533.34 of this title (relating to Disapproval of an Application for a License or Registration). For the purposes of this section, the term "late renewal" means an application for a license by a person who held the same type of license no more than two years prior to the filing of the application.

(f)(No change.)

This agency hereby certifies that the proposal has been reviewed by legal counsel and found to be within the agency's legal authority to adopt.

Filed with the Office of the Secretary of State on June 9, 2004


Loretta DeHay

General Counsel

Texas Real Estate Commission

Earliest possible date of adoption: July 25, 2004

For further information, please call: (512) 465-3900

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