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RULE §228.10Approval Process
ISSUE 03/30/2007
ACTION Proposed
Preamble Texas Admin Code Rule

(a)New Entity Approval. Entities seeking initial approval to deliver educator preparation shall submit a proposal in accordance with guidelines established by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff [ Executive Director], with evidence indicating the ability to comply with the provisions of this chapter and Chapter 227 of this title (relating to Provisions for Educator Preparation Students [Admission to an Educator Preparation Program]). The proposal must also identify the certificates proposed to be offered by the entity. The proposal will be reviewed under procedures approved by the TEA staff [executive director], and the TEA staff [executive director] shall recommend to the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) [Board] whether the entity should be approved or denied accreditation pursuant to [Chapter 229,] §229.3(c) of this title (relating to The [the] Accreditation Process).

(b)Continuing Entity Approval. Entities approved by the SBEC [State Board for Educator Certification] under this chapter shall be reviewed at least once every five years under procedures approved by the TEA staff [executive director]; however, a review may be conducted at any time at the discretion of the TEA staff [executive director]. Entities accredited under a Texas State Partnership Agreement with a national accrediting body shall be considered to have met the cyclical review requirements, unless the TEA staff [ executive director] determines that a review [conducted by the SBEC] is appropriate.

(c)Addition of Certificate Fields.

  (1)Preparation programs which are fully accredited may request [by "letter of intent"] additional certificate fields by submitting appropriate documentation to meet the curriculum and staff support criteria established by the TEA staff. The requested additional certificate fields must be within the classes of certificates for which the entities [they] have been previously approved by the SBEC [ Board]. [The Executive Director must approve the request.]

  (2)Preparation programs which are fully accredited may request the addition of certificate fields in a class of certificates that has not been previously approved by the SBEC [Board]. Under guidelines established by the TEA staff [Executive Director ], the entity must present a full proposal for consideration and approval by the SBEC [Board].

   (3)For purposes of this section, "TEA staff" means staff of the Texas Education Agency assigned by the commissioner of education to perform the SBEC's administrative functions and services.

(d)Contingency of Approval. Approval of all educator [education] preparation programs by the SBEC [Board] or by the TEA staff [Executive Director ], including each specific certificate field, is contingent upon approval by other lawfully established governing bodies, such as the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, boards of regents, or school district boards of trustees. Continuing program approval is contingent upon compliance with superseding [superceding] state or federal law or both [ booth].

(e)Denial of Approval. Entities that fail to meet the requirements of this chapter; Chapter 227 of this title [(relating to Admission to an Educator Preparation Program)]; or Chapter 229 of this title (relating to Accountability System for Educator Preparation), will not be approved to deliver educator preparation.

This agency hereby certifies that the proposal has been reviewed by legal counsel and found to be within the agency's legal authority to adopt.

Filed with the Office of the Secretary of State on March 19, 2007


Raymond Glynn

Acting Associate Commissioner, Educator Quality and Standards

State Board of Educator Certification

Earliest possible date of adoption: April 29, 2007

For further information, please call: (512) 475-1497

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