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RULE §535.64Content Requirements for Qualifying Real Estate Courses
ISSUE 12/02/2016
ACTION Proposed
Preamble Texas Admin Code Rule

(a)(No change.)

(b)Elective qualifying courses. To be approved by the Commission, the following elective qualifying courses must contain the content outlined below:

  (1)Property Management, which shall contain the following topics, the units of which are outlined in the PROPM-0, Qualifying Real Estate Course Approval Form, Property Management, hereby adopted by reference:

    (A)Professional Property Management - 120 minutes;

    (B)Feasibility of Property Management - 90 minutes

    (C)Marketing Plan - 60 minutes;

    (D)Management Operations - 130 minutes;

    (E)Owner Relations - 120 minutes;

    (F)Market Analysis and Management of Housing - 95 minutes;

    (G)Leases - 100 minutes;

    (H)Tenant Relations - 115 minutes;

    (I)Federal, State and Local Laws - 230 minutes;

    (J)Maintenance and Construction - 90 minutes;

    (K)Commercial Property Management - 150 minutes;

    (L)Risk and Environmental Issues - 110 minutes; and

    (M)Safety and Security Issues for Property Managers and Staff - 90 minutes;

  (2)Real Estate Marketing, which shall contain the following topics, the units of which are outlined in the REM-0, Qualifying Real Estate Course Approval Form, Real Estate Marketing, hereby adopted by reference:

    (A)Real Estate Marketing - 80 minutes;

    (B)The Marketing Concept - 80 minutes

    (C)Marketing Research and Data Analysis - 150 minutes;

    (D)Prospecting and Target Marketing - 80 minutes;

    (E)Technology and Online Marketing - 100 minutes;

    (F)Social Media Marketing - 120 minutes;

    (G)Product and Pricing Strategies -180 minutes;

    (H)Compensation Models - 60 minutes;

    (I)Characteristics of a Successful Sales Agent - 150 minutes;

    (J)Understanding Clients - 90 minutes;

    (K)Negotiating and Selling Skills - 120 minutes;

    (L)Steps to Executing Agreements - 50 minutes; and

    (M)State and Federal Laws - 90 minutes;

    (N)Ethics and Real Estate Professionalism - 150 minutes;

   (3)Real Estate Math, which shall contain the following topics, the units of which are outlined in the REMath-0, Qualifying Real Estate Course Approval Form, Real Estate Math, hereby adopted by reference:

    (A)Introduction to Real Estate Math - 150 minutes;

    (B)Review of Mathematical Logic Formulas - 150 minutes;

    (C)List Price, Sales Price and Net Price - 50 minutes;

    (D)Property Mathematics - 120 minutes;

    (E)Appreciation & Depreciation - 60 minutes;

    (F)Real Estate Taxes - 100 minutes;

    (G)Mathematics of Real Estate Finance - 400 minutes;

    (H)Appraisal Methods - 100 minutes;

    (I)Closing Statements - 180 minutes;

    (J)Investment Analysis - 90 minutes;

    (K)Commercial Lease Calculations - 100 minutes;

  (4)[(3)] other than Property Management, [and] Real Estate Marketing, and Real Estate Math meet the requirements of §1101.003 of the Act; or

  (5)[(4)] Residential Inspection for Real Estate Agents (or equivalent), which shall include but is not limited to:

    (A)repair-related contract forms and addenda;

    (B)inspector and client agreements;

    (C)inspection standards of practice and standard inspection report form;

    (D)tools and procedures;

    (E)electromechanical systems (plumbing, heating, air conditioning, appliances, energy-saving considerations); and

    (F)structures (lot and landscape, roofs, chimney, gutters, paved areas, walls, windows and doors, insect damage and storage areas).

(c) - (d) (No change.)

The agency certifies that legal counsel has reviewed the proposal and found it to be within the state agency's legal authority to adopt.

Filed with the Office of the Secretary of State on November 18, 2016


Kerri Lewis

General Counsel

Texas Real Estate Commission

Earliest possible date of adoption: January 1, 2017

For further information, please call: (512) 936-3092

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