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AGENCY Texas Department of Public Safety
ISSUE 04/01/2022
ACTION Rule Review

Texas Department of Public Safety

Proposed Rule Reviews

Title 37, Part 1

Pursuant to Government Code, §2001.039, the Texas Department of Public Safety (the department) files this notice of intent to review and consider for readoption, amendment, or repeal the following chapters in Title 37 of the Texas Administrative Code: Chapter 1 (Organization and Administration); Chapter 5 (Criminal Law Enforcement); Chapter 10 (Ignition Interlock Device); Chapter 12 (Compassionate-Use/Low-THC Cannabis Program); Chapter 17 (Administrative License Revocation); Chapter 19 (Breath Alcohol Testing Regulations); Chapter 21 (Equipment and Vehicle Standards); Chapter 27 (Crime Records); Chapter 29 (Practice and Procedure); and Chapter 36 (Metals Recycling Entities).

The department will determine whether the reasons for adopting or readopting these rules continue to exist. Each rule will be reviewed to determine whether it is obsolete, whether the rule reflects current legal and policy considerations, and whether the rule reflects current procedures of the department. Any changes to these rules as a result of the rule review will be published in the Proposed Rules section of the Texas Register.

Comments relating to this rule review will be accepted for a 30-day period following publication of this notice in the Texas Register. Comments should be directed to: Susan Estringel, Office of General Counsel, Texas Department of Public Safety, P.O. Box 4087, Austin, Texas 78773-0140.

To ensure consideration, comments must clearly specify the particular section of the rule to which they apply. General comments should be labeled as such. Comments should include proposed alternative language as appropriate.


D. Phillip Adkins

General Counsel

Texas Department of Public Safety

Filed: March 18, 2022

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