Texas Register Preamble

The State Board of Dental Examiners (Board) adopts an amendment to 22 TAC §104.2, concerning providers of continuing education. This amendment will clarify the process for addition or removal of approved providers from the Board's list, and will establish criteria for the Board or a committee of the Board to apply when considering addition, removal, or classification of providers. This amendment is adopted with no changes to the proposed text as published in the July 19, 2019, issue of the Texas Register (44 TexReg 3604), and will not be republished.

No comments were received by the agency after publication of this rule.

This rule is adopted under Texas Occupations Code §254.001(a), which gives the Board authority to adopt rules necessary to perform its duties and ensure compliance with state laws relating to the practice of dentistry to protect the public health and safety, and Texas Occupations Code §257.005, which directs the Board to develop a process to evaluate and approve continuing education courses and evaluate the overall effectiveness of programs.

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