Texas Register Preamble

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (Board) adopts this amendment to §573.65, concerning Proof of Acceptable Continuing Education. The amendment is adopted without changes to the proposed text as published in the April 16, 2021, issue of the Texas Register (46 TexReg 2553) and will not be republished.

Reasoned Justification and Factual Basis

This purpose of the amendment is to is to allow licensees the flexibility to earn continuing education hours in whatever format they prefer, whether that be live or virtual.

Summary of Comments and Agency Response

The agency received a total of eight public comments regarding this rule, six in favor of the rule and two opposed to the elimination of in-person continuing education. The agency's response to the opposition is that this rule does eliminate in-person continuing education, it merely allows licensees the option to obtain their continuing education hours virtually, via correspondence, in-person or a combination of those formats.

Statutory Authority

The amendment is adopted under the authority of §801.151(a), Occupations Code, which states that the Board may adopt rules necessary to administer the chapter, and the authority of §801.151(b), Occupations Code, which states that the Board may adopt rules of professional conduct appropriate to establish and maintain a high standard of integrity, skills and practice in the veterinary medicine profession.

No other statutes, articles, or codes are affected by the adoption.

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