Texas Register Preamble

The Comptroller of Public Accounts proposes amendments to §9.1051, concerning definitions and §9.1052, concerning forms.

The amendment to §9.1051 updates paragraph (19) to remove the Annual Eligibility form from the substantive document definition in accordance with the proposed change to the form submission instructions herein.

The amendment to §9.1052(a) deletes paragraphs (3), (4), (7) and (8), i.e. forms 50-773A, 50-773B, 50-827A and 50-827B, and renumbers the subsequent paragraphs. Another amendment is to add a new subsection (b) to replace the deleted forms in subsection (a) with the web based Biennial Progress Report for Texas Economic Development Act Agreements form and to reletter the remaining subsections. These amendments are proposed to make it easier for agreement holders to report their biennial progress. The proposed web-based form questions are derived from the 773 and 827 forms. These proposed questions are available on the comptroller's website at https://comptroller.texas.gov/economy/local/ch313/forms.php.

Another amendment to §9.1052 does not change the text of the rule but changes the Annual Eligibility Report (Form 50-772A) identified in subsection (a)(2). In the form adopted by reference in subsection (a)(2), instructions for submission of the form to the school district and retention of the form by the school district are added. A copy of the form with the proposed instructions is available on the comptroller's website at https://comptroller.texas.gov/economy/local/ch313/forms.php.

Brad Reynolds, Chief Revenue Estimator, has determined that during the first five years that the proposals are in effect, the rules: will not create or eliminate a government program; will not require the creation or elimination of employee positions; will not require an increase or decrease in future legislative appropriations to the agency; will not require an increase or decrease in fees paid to the agency; will not increase or decrease the number of individuals subject to the rules' applicability; and will not positively or adversely affect this state's economy. These proposals amend current rules.

Mr. Reynolds also has determined that the proposals would have no significant fiscal impact on small businesses or rural communities. The new rules would have no fiscal impact on the state government, units of local government, or individuals. The new proposals would benefit the public by improving the administration of local property valuation and taxation. There would be no anticipated significant economic cost to the public.

Comments on the amendments may be submitted to John Villarreal, Manager, Data Analysis and Transparency Division, Comptroller of Public Accounts, at John.Villarreal@cpa.texas.gov. Comments must be received no later than 30 days from the date of publication of the proposal in the Texas Register.

The amendments are proposed under Tax Code, §313.031, which authorizes the comptroller to adopt rules necessary for the implementation and administration of Tax Code, Chapter 313.

The amendments implement Tax Code, Chapter 313.

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