Texas Register Preamble

The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council adopts amended §801.58, relating to Technology-Assisted Services. Section 801.58 is adopted without changes to the proposed text as published in the April 22, 2022, issue of the Texas Register (47 TexReg 2094) and will not be republished.

Reasoned Justification.

This rule requires licensees to be competent in a particular professional service before the licensee provides such a service to a client or offers the service to the general public. The adopted amendment clarifies that the same standard applies in emerging areas of practice, where generally recognized standards for preparatory training do not exist yet. In such emerging areas licensees are also required to ensure the competence of their work and protect the recipients of those services from harm or the potential of harm.

List of interested groups or associations against the rule.


Summary of comments against the rule.


List of interested groups or associations for the rule.


Summary of comments for the rule.


Agency Response.


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