Texas Register Preamble

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) adopts on an emergency basis amendments to 22 TAC §531.18, Consumer Information, in Chapter 531, Canons of Professional Ethics and Conduct.

The amendments are adopted on an emergency basis to implement statutory changes enacted by the 88th Legislature in HB 1363, which becomes effective September 1, 2023, and which eliminates the real estate inspection recovery fund. As a result, references to that fund are removed from the Consumer Protection Notice form adopted by reference and the version number in the rule is updated.

The identical rule is also being proposed under §2001.023 and §2001.029, Texas Government Code.

The amendments are adopted on an emergency basis under Texas Occupations Code, §1101.151, which authorizes the Texas Real Estate Commission to adopt and enforce rules necessary to administer Chapters 1101 and 1102; and to establish standards of conduct and ethics for its license holders to fulfill the purposes of Chapters 1101 and 1102 and ensure compliance with Chapters 1101 and 1102. The amendments are also adopted on an emergency basis under §1101.202, which requires the Commission to prescribe a notice containing the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the Commission for the purpose of directing a complaint to the commission; and establish methods by which consumers and service recipients are provided the notice by a person regulated under Chapter 1101 or 1102.

The statutes affected by these amendments adopted on an emergency basis are Texas Occupations Code, Chapters 1101 and 1102. No other statute, code or article is affected by the emergency amendments.

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