Texas Register Preamble

The Comptroller of Public Accounts proposes new §9.4240, concerning request for RBA; §9.4241, concerning RBA deposit; §9.4242, concerning RBA 45-day settlement period; §9.4243, concerning comptroller appointment of arbitrators for RBA; §9.4244, concerning dismissals for lack of jurisdiction; §9.4245, concerning RBA award; §9.4246, concerning correction of appraisal roll; and §9.4247 concerning payment of arbitrator fees. The new sections will be located in Subchapter K, in new Division 3 (Regular Binding Arbitration of Appraisal Review Board Determinations). The comptroller will propose to repeal all current sections in Subchapter K in a separate rulemaking.

The new sections update the procedures concerning RBA to appeal values determined by local appraisal review boards under Tax Code, §41A.01. The legislation enacted within the last four years that provides the statutory authority for the new sections is House Bill 988, 87th Legislature, R.S., 2021; Senate Bill 1854, 87th Legislature, R.S., 2021; House Bill 4101, 88th Legislature, R.S., 2023; and Senate Bill 2355, 88th Legislature, R.S., 2023.

Section 9.4240 explains the process for requesting RBA to contest an appraisal review board (ARB) order determining a protest under Tax Code, §41A.01.

Section 9.4241 requires a deposit to be submitted with each RBA and describes the amount of deposit that must be submitted.

Section 9.4242 describes the 45-day settlement period that allows the parties to try to settle the RBA case or determine that the request for RBA should be withdrawn timely before an arbitrator is appointed. It also sets forth the requirements for waiving the 45-day settlement period.

Section 9.4243 provides the comptroller's process for appointing arbitrators for an RBA.

Section 9.4244 details the reasons for which an arbitrator shall dismiss with prejudice a pending request for RBA for lack of jurisdiction, and the effect of a dismissal on the deposit submitted for the RBA.

Section 9.4245 describes the process and requirements for the issuance of an RBA award by an arbitrator.

Section 9.4246 requires the chief appraiser to correct the appraised or market value, as applicable, of the property as shown on the appraisal roll to reflect an RBA award only where the arbitrator's value is lower than the value determined by the ARB.

Section 9.4247 describes the payment and processing of arbitrator fees in an RBA.

Tetyana Melnyk, Director of Revenue Estimating Division, has determined that during the first five years that the proposed new rules are in effect, the rules: will not create or eliminate a government program; will not require the creation or elimination of employee positions; will not require an increase or decrease in future legislative appropriations to the agency; will not require an increase or decrease in fees paid to the agency; will not increase or decrease the number of individuals subject to the rules' applicability; and will not positively or adversely affect this state's economy.

Ms. Melnyk also has determined that the proposed new rules would have no significant fiscal impact on the state government, units of local government, or individuals. The proposed new rules would benefit the public by conforming the rules to current statute and improving the clarity and implementation of the section. There would be no significant anticipated economic cost to the public. The proposed new rules would have no fiscal impact on small businesses or rural communities.

You may submit comments on the proposal to Shannon Murphy, Director, Property Tax Assistance Division, P.O. Box 13528 Austin, Texas 78711 or to the email address: ptad.rulecomments@cpa.texas.gov. The comptroller must receive your comments no later than 30 days from the date of publication of the proposal in the Texas Register.

The new sections are proposed under Tax Code, §Sec. 41A.13, which authorizes the comptroller to adopt rules necessary to implement and administer Tax Code, Chapter 41A, concerning appeal through binding arbitration.

The new sections implement Tax Code, Chapter 41A.

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