Texas Register Preamble

The Comptroller of Public Accounts adopts the repeal of §9.4251, concerning definitions; §9.4252, concerning request for arbitration; §9.4253, concerning agent representation in arbitration; §9.4254, concerning appraisal district responsibility for request; §9.4255, concerning comptroller processing of request, online arbitration system, and 45 calendar-day settlement period; §9.4256, concerning comptroller appointment of arbitrators; §9.4257, concerning application for inclusion in comptroller's registry of arbitrators; §9.4258, concerning qualifications for inclusion in the comptroller's registry of arbitrators; §9.4259, concerning arbitrator eligibility for a particular appointment; §9.4260, concerning arbitrator duties; §9.4261, concerning provision of arbitration services; §9.4262, concerning removal of arbitrator from the registry of arbitrators; §9.4263, concerning arbitration determination and award; §9.4264, concerning payment of arbitrator fee, refund of property owner deposit, and correction of appraisal roll; §9.4265, concerning prohibited communications regarding pending arbitration; and §9.4266, concerning forms, without changes to the proposed text as published in the January 5, 2024, issue of the Texas Register (49 TexReg 10). The rules will not be republished.

The comptroller repeals all sections included in Subchapter K (Arbitration of Appraisal Review Board Determinations). New sections concerning arbitration of appraisal review board determinations will be adopted in a separate rulemaking to add rules concerning limited binding arbitration and to update the current rules concerning regular binding arbitration and the comptroller's registry of arbitrators.

The comptroller did not receive any comments regarding adoption of the repeal.

The repeals are adopted under Tax Code, §41A.13, which authorizes the comptroller to adopt rules necessary to implement and administer Tax Code, Chapter 41A, concerning appeal through binding arbitration.

The repeals implement Tax Code, Chapter 41A.

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