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RULE §326.71Registration Application Contents

(a) Maps and Drawings.

  (1) General location map. The owner or operator shall submit a general location map of the facility at a scale of one inch equals 2,000 feet by using a United States Geological Survey 7 1/2-minute quadrangle sheet or equivalent as the base map.

  (2) Facility access and facility layout. A set of maps or drawings showing:

    (A) public access roads serving the facility;

    (B) longitudinal and latitudinal geographic coordinates for the point of beginning of the facility boundary's metes and bounds description;

    (C) facility boundary;

    (D) provisions for the maintenance of any natural windbreaks, such as greenbelts, where they will improve the appearance and operation of the facility and, where appropriate, plans for screening the facility from public view;

    (E) all site entrance roads from public access roads;

    (F) fencing;

    (G) general locations of main interior facility roadways; the location and surface type of all roads within one mile of the facility that will normally be used by the owner or operator for entering or leaving the facility;

    (H) locations of buildings and a descriptive title of their purpose;

    (I) outline of the waste management units and ancillary equipment for loading/unloading, storage and processing areas;

    (J) drainage, pipeline, and utility easements within the facility; and

    (K) any other graphic representations or marginal explanatory notes necessary to communicate the proposed construction phases of the facility, if applicable.

  (3) Land-use map. This is a constructed map of the facility showing the facility boundary (registration boundary) of the facility and any existing zoning on or surrounding the property and actual uses (e.g., agricultural, industrial, residential) both within the facility and within one mile of the facility. The owner or operator shall make every effort to show the location of residences, commercial establishments, schools, licensed day-care facilities, churches, cemeteries, ponds or lakes, and recreational areas within one mile of the facility boundary.

  (4) Published zoning map. If available, a published zoning map for the facility and within one mile of the facility for the county or counties in which the facility is or will be located. If the facility requires approval as a nonconforming use or a special permit from the local government having jurisdiction, a copy of such approval shall be submitted.

  (5) Impact on surrounding area. The use of any land for a medical waste facility shall not adversely impact human health or the environment. The owner or operator shall provide information regarding the likely impacts of the facility on cities, communities, groups of property owners, or individuals by analyzing the compatibility of land use, zoning in the vicinity, community growth patterns, and any other factors associated with the public interest. To assist the commission in evaluating the impact of the facility on the surrounding area, the owner or operator shall provide the following:

    (A) information about the character of surrounding land uses within one mile of the proposed facility;

    (B) information about growth trends within five miles of the facility with directions of major development; and

    (C) the proximity to residences and other uses (e.g., schools, churches, cemeteries, historic structures and sites, archaeologically significant sites, sites having exceptional aesthetic quality, etc.) within one mile of the facility. The owner or operator shall provide the approximate number of residences and commercial establishments within one mile of the proposed facility including the distances and directions to the nearest residences and commercial establishments. Population density and proximity to residences and other uses described in this paragraph may be considered for assessment of compatibility.

  (6) Land ownership map with accompanying landowners list. The applicant shall include a list of landowners within 1/4 mile of the facility and their addresses along with an appropriately scaled map locating the property owned by these persons. The landowners' list shall be keyed to the land ownership map and shall give each property owner's name and mailing address. Notice of an application is not defective if property owners did not receive notice because they were not listed in the real property appraisal records. The list shall also be provided in electronic form.

  (7) Metes and bounds. The applicant shall include a drawing and a description of the facility boundary signed and sealed by a registered professional land surveyor.

(b) Property owner affidavit. The applicant shall provide a property owner affidavit that is signed by the owner and includes:

  (1) acknowledgment that the State of Texas may hold the property owner of record either jointly or severally responsible for the operation, maintenance, and closure of the facility; and

  (2) acknowledgment that the facility owner or operator and the State of Texas shall have access to the property during the active life and after closure for the purpose of inspection and maintenance.

(c) Licensed operator. The owner or operator shall acknowledge that a licensed solid waste facility supervisor, as defined in Chapter 30 of this title (relating to Occupational Licenses and Registrations), be employed before commencing facility operation.

(d) Legal authority. The owner and operator shall provide verification of their legal status as required by §281.5 of this title (relating to Application for Wastewater Discharge, Underground Injection, Municipal Solid Waste, Radioactive Material, Hazardous Waste, and Industrial Solid Waste Management Permits). This shall be a one-page certificate of incorporation issued by the secretary of state.

(e) Transportation. The owner or operator shall:

  (1) provide data on the availability and adequacy of roads that the owner or operator will use to access the site;

  (2) provide data on the volume of vehicular traffic on access roads within one mile of the proposed facility, both existing and expected, during the expected life of the proposed facility;

  (3) project the volume of traffic expected to be generated by the facility on the access roads within one mile of the proposed facility; and

  (4) submit documentation of coordination of all designs of proposed public roadway improvements such as turning lanes, storage lanes, etc., associated with site entrances with the entity exercising maintenance responsibility of the public roadway involved. In addition, the owner or operator shall submit documentation of coordination with the Texas Department of Transportation for traffic and location restrictions.

(f) Facility surface water drainage report. The owner or operator of a medical waste facility shall include a certification statement that:

  (1) The facility will be constructed, maintained, and operated to manage run-on and run-off during the peak discharge of a 25-year rainfall event and must prevent the off-site discharge of waste and feedstock material, including, but not limited to, in-process and/or processed materials.

  (2) Surface water drainage in and around a facility will be controlled to minimize surface water running onto, into, and off the treatment area.

  (3) The owner or operator will obtain the appropriate Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System storm water permit coverage when required; or shall provide the permit number for coverage under an individual wastewater permit.

  (4) The facility will be located outside of the 100-year floodplain unless the owner or operator can demonstrate that the facility is designed and will be operated in a manner to prevent washout of waste during a 100-year storm event, or the facility obtains a conditional letter of map amendment from the Federal Emergency Management Administration administrator.

  (5) The facility will not be located in wetlands unless the owner or operator provides documentation to the extent required under Clean Water Act, §404 or applicable state wetlands laws, that steps have been taken to attempt to achieve no net loss of wetlands.

(g) Council of governments and local government review request. The owner or operator shall submit documentation that the application was submitted for review to the applicable council of governments for compliance with regional solid waste plans. The owner or operator shall also submit documentation that a review letter was requested from any local governments as appropriate for compliance with local solid waste plans. Review letters from the aforementioned entities are not a prerequisite to a final determination on a registration application.

(h) General description of the facility location and design.

  (1) Facility location. The owner or operator shall provide:


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