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RULE §3.59Oil and Gas Transporter's Reports

(a) General. The commission may, from time to time, require oil and gas pipeline companies to make reports to the commission showing wells connected with their lines during any month, the amount of production taken therefrom, names of parties from whom oil and gas are purchased, and the amount of oil or gas purchased therefrom.

(b) Daily report. The commission may, in case of overproduction or for any other reason which it deems urgent, require oil and gas pipe line companies to furnish daily reports of the amount of oil or gas purchased or taken from different wells or parties.

(c) Weekly stock report. Rescinded by Order Number 20-57,970, effective 11-16-67.

(d) Monthly transportation and storage report.

  (1) Each gatherer, transporter, storer, and/or handler of crude oil or products, or both, shall file with the commission on or before the last day of each calendar month a report showing the required information concerning the transportation operations of such gatherer, transporter, or storer for the next preceding month. Such form is incorporated in and made a part of this section.

  (2) The original of the report, covering all of the operations of the gatherer, transporter, storer, and/or handler of crude oil or products, or both, shall be filed in the Austin office of the commission. One copy of the report shall be filed in each district office in which the gatherer, transporter, storer, and/or handler of crude oil or products, or both, operates, but may include only the information pertaining to the operations in that district in which it is filed.

  (3) The written instructions appearing on said form are incorporated in and made a part of this section, and all of the data and information on the form shall be reported and arranged on the form as required by the form.

  (4) No gatherer, transporter, storer, and/or handler of crude oil shall remove crude oil from any property unless such property is identified by a sign posted in compliance with §3.3(3) of this title (relating to Identification of Properties, Wells, and Tanks).

  (5) The provisions of this section shall not apply to the operator of any refinery, processing plant, blending plant, or treating plant to which §3.60 of this title (relating to Refinery Reports) applies if the operator has filed the required form.

(e) Annual report.

  (1) Each common carrier pipeline shall make and file with the commission, at its Austin office, an annual report for each calendar year. The report must show the names of the officers, directors, and stockholders, and the residence of each; the amount of capital stock and bonded indebtedness outstanding; the results of financial operations; the sources of revenue; and the expenditures, assets and liabilities, and statistical data of oil transported; and such other information as may be deemed pertinent by the commission concerning the carrier's transactions in the performance of services under its charter provisions relative to the transportation of crude petroleum in the State of Texas.

  (2) The annual report must be made to the commission on the form prescribed and furnished by the commission; and must be returned complete, under oath, within 30 days after the receipt of the forms from the commission.

  (3) For all purposes applicable under these rules and regulations the "Classification of Investment for Pipe Lines, Pipe Line Operating Revenues, and Pipe Line Operating Expenses" prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission and effective on January 1, 1915, is adopted and made a part of these rules for the use of all common carrier pipelines subject to the provisions of that act of the legislature, being Chapter 30 of the Regular Session of the 35th Legislature, State of Texas.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.59 adopted to be effective January 1, 1976.

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