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§3.1 Organization Report; Retention of Records; Notice Requirements
§3.2 Commission Access to Properties
§3.3 Identification of Properties, Wells, and Tanks
§3.4 Oil and Geothermal Lease Numbers and Gas Well ID Numbers Required on All Forms
§3.5 Application To Drill, Deepen, Reenter, or Plug Back
§3.6 Application for Multiple Completion
§3.7 Strata To Be Sealed Off
§3.8 Water Protection
§3.9 Disposal Wells
§3.10 Restriction of Production of Oil and Gas from Different Strata
§3.11 Inclination and Directional Surveys Required
§3.12 Directional Survey Company Report
§3.13 Casing, Cementing, Drilling, Well Control, and Completion Requirements
§3.14 Plugging
§3.15 Surface Equipment Removal Requirements and Inactive Wells
§3.16 Log and Completion or Plugging Report
§3.17 Pressure on Bradenhead
§3.18 Mud Circulation Required
§3.19 Density of Mud-Fluid
§3.20 Notification of Fire Breaks, Leaks, or Blow-outs
§3.21 Fire Prevention and Swabbing
§3.22 Protection of Birds
§3.23 Vacuum Pumps
§3.24 Check Valves Required
§3.25 Use of Common Storage
§3.26 Separating Devices, Tanks, and Surface Commingling of Oil
§3.27 Gas to be Measured and Surface Commingling of Gas
§3.28 Potential and Deliverability of Gas Wells to be Ascertained and Reported
§3.29 Hydraulic Fracturing Chemical Disclosure Requirements
§3.30 Memorandum of Understanding between the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
§3.31 Gas Reservoirs and Gas Well Allowable
§3.32 Gas Well Gas and Casinghead Gas Shall Be Utilized for Legal Purposes
§3.33 Geothermal Resource Production Test Forms Required
§3.34 Gas To Be Produced and Purchased Ratably
§3.35 Procedures for Identification and Control of Wellbores in Which Certain Logging Tools Have Been Abandoned
§3.36 Oil, Gas, or Geothermal Resource Operation in Hydrogen Sulfide Areas
§3.37 Statewide Spacing Rule
§3.38 Well Densities
§3.39 Proration and Drilling Units: Contiguity of Acreage and Exception Thereto
§3.40 Assignment of Acreage to Pooled Development and Proration Units
§3.41 Application for New Oil or Gas Field Designation and/or Allowable
§3.42 Oil Discovery Allowable
§3.43 Application for Temporary Field Rules
§3.45 Oil Allowables
§3.46 Fluid Injection into Productive Reservoirs
§3.47 Allowable Transfers for Saltwater Injection Wells
§3.48 Capacity Oil Allowables for Secondary or Tertiary Recovery Projects
§3.49 Gas-Oil Ratio
§3.50 Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects--Approval and Certification for Tax Incentive
§3.51 Oil Potential Test Forms Required
§3.52 Oil Well Allowable Production
§3.53 Annual Well Tests and Well Status Reports Required
§3.54 Gas Reports Required
§3.55 Reports on Gas Wells Commingling Liquid Hydrocarbons before Metering
§3.56 Scrubber Oil and Skim Hydrocarbons
§3.57 Reclaiming Tank Bottoms, Other Hydrocarbon Wastes, and Other Waste Materials
§3.58 Certificate of Compliance and Transportation Authority; Operator Reports
§3.59 Oil and Gas Transporter's Reports
§3.60 Refinery Reports
§3.61 Refinery and Gasoline Plants
§3.62 Cycling Plant Control and Reports
§3.63 Carbon Black Plant Permits Required
§3.65 Critical Designation of Natural Gas Infrastructure
§3.66 Weather Emergency Preparedness Standards
§3.70 Pipeline Permits Required
§3.71 Pipeline Tariffs
§3.72 Obtaining Pipeline Connections
§3.73 Pipeline Connection; Cancellation of Certificate of Compliance; Severance
§3.76 Commission Approval of Plats for Mineral Development
§3.78 Fees and Financial Security Requirements
§3.79 Definitions
§3.80 Commission Oil and Gas Forms, Applications, and Filing Requirements
§3.81 Brine Mining Injection Wells
§3.83 Tax Exemption for Two-Year Inactive Wells and Three-Year Inactive Wells
§3.84 Gas Shortage Emergency Response
§3.85 Manifest To Accompany Each Transport of Liquid Hydrocarbons by Vehicle
§3.86 Horizontal Drainhole Wells
§3.91 Cleanup of Soil Contaminated by a Crude Oil Spill
§3.93 Water Quality Certification Definitions
§3.95 Underground Storage of Liquid or Liquefied Hydrocarbons in Salt Formations
§3.96 Underground Storage of Gas in Productive or Depleted Reservoirs
§3.97 Underground Storage of Gas in Salt Formations
§3.98 Standards for Management of Hazardous Oil and Gas Waste
§3.99 Cathodic Protection Wells
§3.100 Seismic Holes and Core Holes
§3.101 Certification for Severance Tax Exemption or Reduction for Gas Produced From High-Cost Gas Wells
§3.102 Tax Reduction for Incremental Production
§3.103 Certification for Severance Tax Exemption for Casinghead Gas Previously Vented or Flared
§3.106 Sour Gas Pipeline Facility Construction Permit
§3.107 Penalty Guidelines for Oil and Gas Violations

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