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RULE §3.2Standard Requirements for State Publications in All Formats

(a) State agencies are required to deposit or make accessible copies of all state publications that have not been exempted from the State Publications Depository Program in §3.6 of this title (relating to Special Exemptions) or under §3.7 of this title (relating to State Publications Contact Person).

(b) State agencies are required to display the date that each state publication is produced or distributed in a visible location at or near the beginning of the publication.

(c) When a state publication is distributed to the public in multiple formats, state agencies are required to provide access to or copies of that publication to the commission in all formats in which the publication is publicly distributed. State agencies are not required to provide copies to the commission of publications on electronic external storage devices if the state publications are made available by an Internet connection.

(d) When a state publication changes frequently, as in the case of an Internet publication that announces time-dependent information, state agencies are required to determine whether the alteration in the publication represents a substantive change or a transitory or inconsequential change. If the modification is a substantive change, the original version and the new version must be treated as separate publications and managed in accordance with §3.3 of this chapter (relating to Standard Deposit and Reporting Requirements for State Publications in All Formats ). If the modification is a transitory or inconsequential change, or if the modification is due only to changes to information that is exempt under §3.6 of this chapter (relating to Special Exemptions), the two versions are not deemed to be separate publications.

(e) Records retention. State agencies are reminded that compliance with this chapter does not constitute compliance with records retention rules for state government records. See Texas State Records Retention Schedule (second edition or subsequent edition as applicable) and §§6.1 - 6.10 of this title for complete information about records retention requirements.

(f) Archival publications. For those publications defined as archival (see §6.1 of this title), one copy must be submitted to the Texas State Archives in accordance with §§6.91 - 6.99 of this title.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.2 adopted to be effective November 18, 2015, 40 TexReg 8021; amended to be effective March 17, 2019, 44 TexReg 1305

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